Simply Maid offers cleaning solutions for every need.

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One Time Cleaning:

The focus of a “one time cleaning” is to: De-clutter, Organize, Clean-up and Sanitize. Perhaps you’ve been hospitalized, or are dealing with an illness. Traveling, and looking forward to returning to the comfort of a clean home. Expecting guests and need help preparing so you can enjoy stress free time with them. Swamped at work and feeling overwhelmed. Regardless of the reason, a one time cleaning is what you need.

A checklist will be filled out detailing all the specific services that will be done in your home. The average cost of a one time cleaning is $200-$500 depending on the size of your home and your specific needs. Just call, text or email me. I will come to your house, do a walk through with you, and give my price. Keep in mind; as the holiday season approaches plan ahead and schedule your one time cleaning in advance.

Recurring Cleaning:

The most common cleaning plans are set up to be performed either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Deciding to hire Simply Maid to take care of your cleaning needs on a regular basis may be the best option for you and your family. Knowing your home is being cared for allows you to focus your limited time and energy towards the more important things in life. The recurring cleanings also follow the same checklist as mentioned above and the price will be discussed at the initial walk through.

Cleaning Projects and Organization Solutions:

Have a cleaning project that you keep putting off? Need help organizing the play room? Tired of seeing clutter in the drawers and closets? How to begin cleaning out the garage? Don’t know what to get rid of; what to save? I have experience to help. I’ve cleaned pantries and storage rooms; purged closets, cleaned out clutter and organized bedrooms and bathrooms, basements, and garages; washed walls; even cleaned and steamed drapes. Give me a call and we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your specific goal.

Move In/Out:

Are you moving? Consider having your house professionally cleaned and staged so the pictures taken will attract more potential buyers. Have you bought or leased a new home and want it deep cleaned before you move in? Do you own property and want it professionally cleaned between tenants? I have worked for both realtors and private individuals with amazing results.

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